Automatic sticking of labels on smooth-walled containers.

STS808 the machine for label sticking, is designed for putting one or two self adhesive labels on cylindrical containers with different diameter, length and smooth-walls.

  • Етикетираща машина
  • лепачка на етикети
  • Етикетираща машина за буркани
  • Етикетирка
  • Машина за лепене на самозалепващи етикети
  • Лепене на етикети
  • Самозалепващи етикети

Perfect application on the following containers

Glass bottles

The machine STS808 perfectly sticking labels on bottle for wine, carbonated drinks and other products bottled in high bottles.


It is suitable for gluing labels on almost all sizes of jars as the limitations are as follows: a diameter of 25 mm. up to 160 mm. and a length of 80 mm. up to 240 mm.

Plastic bottles

STS 808 glues without problem labels on a variety of plastic bottles

Other containers

The only limitation for the machine is the smoothness of the container walls..

The label of a product is as important as the content. The more beautiful and spectacular, the better the goods are sold. They say that the original paper sticker, is the product's clothing. It is part of the vision and strategy that make each good a good ad product.

Technical characteristics

Diameter of the container

from 25 мм 160 мм.

Preparation for work

  • Апликатор на самозалепващи етикети
  • Етикетирка за самозалепващи етикети
  • Апликатор на етикети

First steps

The orientation of the container / left-right / depending on the direction of the printed labels is selected. Adjust the presser mechanism and the support shaft according to the diameter of the container. Adjust the stops so that the container is in the middle of the work area. The label roll is placed on the "Label Rack Stand" so that the labels are against the gluing area. The position is fixed with the two magnetic stops. The brake is positioned in the center of the roller. The presser shaft is "unlocked" by moving forward. Label bar is loaded according to the attached scheme. The press shaft is locked. The guides of the label strip are positioned and fixed to the edges without compressing it.

Price of the machine for one or two labels 1200.00 €.
Guarantee term 12 months from the date of purchase.

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Labeling machine

Our label sticker is designed to stick labels on smooth-walled cylindrical containers. The speed of the machine is between 350 – 550 units per hour. The machine is very easy to set up and has a compact size. Through it, sticking labels becomes accurate and fast. The setting of the machine is done by a microcontroller. Start-up can be either with a button (on the machine itself) or with an external foot pedal, thanks to which both hands of the operator are free. The STS808 works with self-adhesive paper labels, plastic labels and other labels that must be pre-printed on a roll. The containers are placed and removed manually. The machine has a built-in counter that lets you track labeled containers.

Detecting the labels

One of the features of the STS 808 Labeling Machine is the ultrasonic label switch. This sensor is also manufactured by us and is characterized by exceptional speed and reliability. The capabilities of the UDST87 are 1000 labels per second, which is far above what you need. Unlike other semi-automatic machines, thanks to our ultrasonic sensor, you can use a variety of labels and a combination of labels and a base. Reporting transparent labels on a transparent basis or shiny labels is also possible, which is an advantage over our competitors. You can take advantage of the mobile app, in which you only enter your labels and container data, and it calculates the parameters you need to enter into the machine.