For clean liquids with low viscosity

Compact portable filling and dosing machine for low-viscosity clean liquids (solids), such as water ,olive oil, vinegar, wine, water, cosmetics, fuel and more.

  • Машина за дозиране
  • машина за дозиране и пълнене
  • Полуавтоматична машина за лепене на етикети
  • Машина за дозиране и пълнене на течности

Perfect application at:

Food products

Dosage of olive oil.

Cosmetic products

Dosage of cosmetic products such as micellar water, rose water, tonic and others


Dosage of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as wine, water, juice and others.


Dosage of any type of clean liquids with low viscosity.

The machine is controlled by a microcontroller, which allows the fluid to flow smoothly and accurately by controlling the pump in time and speed. It has 10 different programs (dosing) with quick choice. The STS 809 has 9 degrees of speed and the operating and standby parameters can be adjusted from 0.01 to 99.99 seconds, thanks to which the tuning process is precise.

Technical characteristics

Preparation for work

  • Автоматично лепене на етикети

First steps

Place the machine on a flat surface. Inspect the suction hose suction filter (front housing) and the outlet of the dosing hose outlet - inspect the direction. Mount the dosing stand - the shoulder is crosswise. The end of the metering hose with the valve is mounted in the bracket. The suction filter is placed in the tank below the liquid level. The position of the machine must be higher than that of the vessel. The pedal switch is connected via a plug to the rear and placed in a convenient location. Connect the power cord into the rear socket and plug into the mains. Turn the machine off the switch to the power cord. Display logo, machine name, and software version is displayed, then switches to working mode (the last program being run). By selecting the program selector multiple times, we select the zero program. Changing the parameters for it is easy to access and is therefore convenient for quick setup. The PUMP SPEED, WORK TIME, PAUSE TIME buttons are set with the Parameters, Numbers, Reduction, and Increment buttons. The change digit is indicated by blinking underlining. The current parameter is remembered when moving to the next one.

Price of the machine 280.00 € Guarantee term 12 months from the purchasing date.

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Dosing and filling machine

Our STS809 Dosing and Filling Machine is suitable for clean, low viscosity clean liquids (without solids). For example, water, oil, olive oil, rare lotions, wine, fuel and other cosmetic, chemical and food products. The control is realized with a microcontroller, which allows a smooth and accurate dosing of the product, by controlling the pump in time and speed. The dosing and filling machine has 10 separate programs in which you can store different parameters. With these programs you can easily dispense different products without wasting time in setup. The STS809 has a counter that can be used to measure dispensing / filling. Operation can be performed in two separate modes – Single mode and Continuous mode. In single mode, startup is fed by an external pedal start. When the pedal is pressed, the machine performs a one-time refill, stops and waits for a new push. The second mode of operation contains a pause time parameter, after which the machine self-dosing stops waiting for the set time and re-dosages. This is repeated in a continuous cycle.

Additional automation

For automation purpose, the machine is equipped with an output that outputs a signal when it is in single dose mode. This can be a prerequisite for embedding the machine into a loop-through cycle.

The casing of the machine is made of stainless steel suitable for food processing. The stand moves and allows freedom of work. The pump is acid and alkaline resistant. The suction filter protects the pump from sucking up solids and the outlet valve drops after the dosing has finished.