April 7, 2018
Машини за етикетиране и дозиране

For small and medium manufacturers

We understand you Labeling and dosing machines we produce are oriented to small and medium-sized manufacturers of various industries. We successfully implement our machines in cosmetic, […]
April 7, 2018
Машини за етикетиране и дозиране

We are also a manufacturer

Common difficulties We themselves face the problems of our customers and for this we best understand the need of our products. For many years, our company […]
April 7, 2018
машините за етикетиране и дозиране

Easy set, compact size

It is easy ! Our labeling and dosing machines have a control panel for setting up the machine before starting work. The menu has Bulgarian and […]


Labeling Machine

Labeling and dosing machines of STS.

The STS808 Labeling Machine is designed to label labels on smooth-walled cylinders. The speed of the machine is between 350 – 550 units per hour. The machine is very easy to set up and has a compact size. Through it, sticking labels becomes accurate and fast. The setting of the machine is done via a microcontroller panel. Starting can be either by a button (on the machine itself) or by an external foot pedal, thanks to which both hands of the operator are free. The STS808 works with self-adhesive paper, plastic and other labels that must be pre-printed on a roll.

Dosing machine

The STS809 dosing machine is designed for filling and dispensing of various clean, low viscosity liquids (rare), free of solids. The machine is capable of operating in two modes – single and continuous. In the first mode of operation, the startup of the filling process takes place when the operator presses the external pedal start. In the second mode, a pause time is set during which the machine waits and after this time it initiates the start of the filling. In this way, the operator only has to change the dishes until the machine starts filling.Before setting up, try three parameters – dosing time, fill rate, and standby time (in second mode).


In 1990 in small city in the geographical center of Bulgaria named Gabrovo, we start producing our first inductive sensors. Through the years we expand our product range and now we can deliver you diversity of proximity sensors as inductive,photoelectric,ultrasonic,magnetic and capacitive. Over the last few years we develop and start producing our semi automatic labeling and dosing machines. If you are interested in our automation solutions click hereSTS Electronics Ltd. is the biggest Bulgarian manufacturer of automation of industrial processes. The company is built on a strong foundation of integrity and honesty. Our reputation for quality, reliability and innovation is represented by the brand of our products, software and services. Despite the increase in our proposals, we remain highly focused on improving the technology and quality of products and services.