For small and medium manufacturers

Машини за етикетиране и дозиране

We understand you

Labeling and dosing machines we produce are oriented to small and medium-sized manufacturers of various industries.
We successfully implement our machines in cosmetic, food, chemical and other industries.
The performance of both machines depends mainly on the performance of the operator working on them as they are semi-automatic machines and the containers are placed and removed manually. Their speed is between 350 – 550 units per hour.

Not everyone produces hundreds of thousands

We know and regularly learn from our customers about the difficulties they encounter when searching for machines that meet their needs. Before we started the production of labeling and dosing machines, we came to the conclusion that there were many manufacturers on the market of large semiautomatic labeling and dosing machines with a production capacity of over 5000 pieces per hour. However, we did not see machine-makers who would understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in this area. Our company works for a large part of the Bulgarian industry and even our producers and owners of large production lines are our customers.Understanding the importance of small and medium business for the economy, we decided to develop and launch in production, apparently missing semi-automatic labeling and dosing machines STS808 and STS809.

Why us?

STS Electronics Ltd. is the biggest Bulgarian manufacturer of automation of industrial processes. The company is built on a strong foundation of integrity and honesty. Our reputation for quality, reliability and innovation is represented by the brand of our products, software and services. Despite the increase in our proposals, we remain highly focused on improving the technology and quality of products and services.

STS Electronics Ltd. began operation in 1990. in Gabrovo. Since that time, the direction in which it is developed to increase the volume of production and the introduction of advanced materials and technologies. Since its inception, participating in many international exhibitions at home and abroad. In 2002. the company has implemented a system of quality management EN ISO 9001:2008 which currently operates successfully. Certificate issued by the German TÜV Nord. We have commercial offices in Europe, Asia and North America where spread our products. We won and we are working on new projects under the PHARE program related to improving the competitiveness of our company, meet internationally recognized standards due to the trust of our partners raise more. The company employs highly qualified staff, 90% of whom are engineering graduates. Strive to enrich our product range is provided by the work of three design department. Specialists working in “Marketing and Sales” are always ready to meet your needs and requirements. Contemporary materials and technologies we use, ensure high quality and competitive prices of our products. Evidence of this are the numerous certificates issued by various independent organizations.