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Common difficulties

We ourselves face the problems of our customers and therefore best understand the need for the products we produce. For many years our company has been developing and manufacturing sensors and electronic devices, and in recent years semi-automatic labeling and dispensing machines. We understand how difficult it is to glue your labels by hand, so check out the labeling page and learn more about it. And if your products are liquids and it takes a long time to dose or fill them – find out more about our STS809 dispenser.

Versatility and ease

Our machines do not have a minimum run-time, so you can even work with single series. You will have the flexibility as we have tried to create the versatility of the vessels and liquids that you will work with. If you purchased a labeling machine and stick labels on wine bottles and need to change the container, label or even the product – you don’t need to buy another machine. The applicator works with many different sizes of containers and labels. It will take less than 5 minutes to replace the label roller and complete machine adjustment.

If you have purchased or plan to buy a dosing machine, as long as your product is liquid, particulate free and low in viscosity, you will again benefit from versatility. You can fill the wine and after a short cleaning of the machine another product such as water, oil, olive oil, cosmetics. We also thought about sparkling products – you just slow down and the problem is solved.

The dosing machine has an external output for information delivery, having completed the dosing. This may be a prerequisite for organizing further automation (production). Read more about our semi-automatic machines on the product page.

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