Module with sensor for labeling machine

The auxiliary module is used for contactless reading of a mounted vessel on the machine. Once the sensor detects the presence of a vessel on the machine, it automatically starts. This accessory can save you time and effort.

Module with optical sensor for easier positioning

The module serves to position the vessel. Adjust the metering valve once to the position of the bottle / container positioning module. When working, bring the container closer to the stop in the positioning module, the sensor detects the presence of a container and automatically starts the dosing / filling start.

Spare parts for machines

Dosing pump STS809

Diaphragm pump 3.5 l / min.

STS812 dosing machine pump

Diaphragm pump 10 l / min.

Dosing pump STS813G

Gear pump 10 l / min.

Dosing pump STS811G

Gear pump 3.5 l / min.

Start pedal

Startup pedal for all machines

Power cable

Power cable universal for all machines

Rubber shaft for labeling machine STS808

Blue rubberized shaft for labeling machine with special hardness.

Ultrasonic labeling machine sensor

UDST87I41CL Ultrasonic Label Sensor.