STS811G dosing machine

For thick liquids with high viscosity and low volume up to 1 liter.

Compact is a small and portable machine for high viscosity thick liquid liquids such as shampoo and cream products.
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Great application for


Thick foods

The machine can dispense thick foods.

Cream products

Dosage of face cream, body cream, washing gels, cream masks.

Shampoo-like thick liquids

Dosing for hair shampoos, hair conditioners and more.

Chemical products

Dosing of resins, antifreeze, oil and others


Preparation for work and adjustment

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First steps

The machine is placed on a level surface. Check the installation of the suction filter of the suction hose (front of the housing) and the installation of the outlet valve of the metering hose - care is taken of the direction. The dosing stand is mounted - the arm with the bracket is transverse. The end of the metering hose with the valve is mounted in the clamp.The suction filter is placed in the tank, below the liquid level. The position of the machine must be higher than that of the vessel. The pedal switch is connected by a plug at the rear and placed in a convenient place to use. Plugs the power cord into the rear socket and plugs into the power supply.  The machine switches on from the key to the power cord. The logo, machine name and software version are displayed on the display, and then switches to the operating mode (of the last program running). By repeatedly pressing the program selector button, we select the zero program. Changing the parameters for it is easy to access and thus convenient for quick setup. The PUMP SPEED, WORK TIME, PAUSE TIME buttons are used to select parameter, number, decrease and increase. The change digit is indicated by a blinking underscore. The current parameter is stored when moving to the next one.

Silicone hose

The hoses we put into the STS811G dosing machine are of high quality with a number of certifications. The silicone hose is one of the busiest parts. Therefore, our silicone hoses can withstand high temperatures and corrosive liquids.

Easy and convenient filling of thick liquids.

The STS811G is a new development designed for filling and / or dispensing high viscosity thick liquids. The machine works with a gear pump, which allows it to work with high-viscosity liquids such as shampoo and cream. The thick liquid filling process requires the power and precision that the STS813G thick liquid dosing machine has. Just like the other dosing machines we produce, this dispenser is very easy and convenient to set up. It has 9 separate programs in which you can store different parameters. With these programs, you can easily dose different products without wasting time setting up. The semi-automatic fluid filling machine has a counter that allows the dosing / filling to be read. The operation can be performed in two separate modes – Single mode and Continues mode. In single mode, the start is supplied by an external start pedal. When the pedal is pressed, the machine will charge once, stop and wait for another push.

The second mode of operation contains the parameter Pause time, after which, the machine itself performs dosing, stops waiting for the set time and re-doses. This is repeated in a continuous cycle. The STS811G is designed for smaller volumes from 1ml to 1l, and if your volumes are larger you can use the STS813G.

Chromium nickel nozzles

STS811G nozzles

The STS813G and STS811G thick fluid machines work with chrome-nickel tips like the ones in the picture. Very important for this type of thick fluid dispensing machine is the estimated reverse speed. Because dense liquids sometimes have a “leakage” effect after dosing, we have anticipated this problem and added another additional option that allows you to control the pump in reverse. This prevents the fluid from draining and the accuracy of the vessel being disturbed. The machine is manufactured by STS Electronics Ltd. Gabrovo and has a 12-month warranty period after the date of purchase.