Labeling machine STS810

Automatic labeling on flat wall containers, soft containers, square containers or liners.

  • STS810 - апликатор на етикети
  • STS810 - етикираща машина за плоски съдове

Excellent application for the following containers

STS810 съд

Glass rectangular bottles

The STS810 machine does an excellent job of sticking labels to rectangular glass bottles of different sizes.
STS810 пласмасови шишета

Rectangular plastic bottles

The STS 808 labels seamless labels on a wide variety of rectangular plastic bottles and jars.
STS810 кашон

Cardboard and paper packaging

It is suitable for gluing labels on all sizes of cardboard and paper packaging - boxes and more.
STS810 съд препарат

Съдове с меки стени или обли форми

STS810 може да лепи етикети върху съдове за почистващи препарати, пликове, меки опаковки и други.

Technical Specifications

Preparation for work and adjustment

  • STS810 етикираща машина за плоски съдове
  • STS810 етикираща машина за плоски съдове
  • STS810 етикираща машина за плоски съдове
  • STS810 етикираща машина за плоски съдове

First Steps

The orientation of the vessel is selected depending on the direction of the printed labels. The receptacle is fixed with restraints located on the moving platform. For convenience, a pre-made mold for the respective vessel can be used to attach / attach to the platform. The labels of the label stand according to the diagram are affixed. Lock the pressure shaft with the two "tongues" left and right. The label roll is limited by the two stops located on the label roll stand. Train the sensor on your labels by first adjusting the gap and then labeling. Adjust the height of the arm depending on the height of your vessel. Position sensors are adjusted according to the desired position of the label on the container.