Labeling machine STS808

Automatic labeling on smooth wall containers

  • STS808-microcontroller
  • sts808-label-roll
  • sts808-button

Excellent application for the following containers


Glass bottles

The STS808 machine does a great job of sticking labels on wine bottles, carbonated drinks and other high bottles.


It is suitable for sticking labels on almost all sizes of jars, the limits being as follows: 25 mm diameter. up to 160 mm. and a vessel length of 80 mm. up to 240 mm.

Plastic bottles

The STS808 glue labels on a variety of plastic bottle sizes without any obstacles.

Other containers

The only restriction in front of the machine is the smoothness of the vessel walls.
  • The label of a product is as important as the content. The more beautiful and spectacular the goods are sold. The original paper sticker is said to be the clothing of the product. It is part of the vision and strategy that make every product a good advertising product.


Preparation for work and adjustment

  • STS808 Labeling machine
  • Label applicator STS808
  • Labeling machine

First Steps

Selects the orientation of the container / left-right / depending on the direction of the printed labels. The pressure mechanism and the support shaft are adjusted according to the diameter of the vessel. Adjust the limiters so that the container is in the middle of the work area. The label roll is affixed to the "Label Roller Stand" so that the labels face the adhesive zone. The position is fixed by the two magnetic stops. The brake is positioned in the middle of the roll. The pressure shaft unlocks by moving it forward. The label bar is loaded according to the attached diagram. The pressure shaft locks. Label tape guides are positioned and fixed to the edges without squeezing it. The ultrasonic sensor model UDST87 is trained first in the slot (blank space without label) and then on the label itself. The training is done by holding down the "teach" button until the "T" LED lights up.

Labeling machine. Automate your process now !

The labeling machine STS808 is manufactured by STS Electronics Ltd., Gabrovo. It is intended for small and medium production processes. The capacity of the machine is between 400 – 650 pcs / hour. The performance of labeling depends on the speed of the operator (how quickly he puts and removes the containers), since it is semi-automatic machine. Also important is the diameter of your container. The smaller the less time it takes to apply. A prerequisite is that your labels should be printed on a roll. When you need to apply face and back labels, you need to print them on one roll in face-to-back order or vice versa. Which label will lead can be manually adjusted by you. The STS808 Label Applicator has one key advantage over its competitors, namely the ultrasonic label reader. Thanks to it, your labeling machine can work with any combination of label and base even transparent label on a transparent basis. The sensor is contactless, resulting in 0% depreciation and high precision. Also, this does not limit you to what thickness of label and base you will use.

STS808 labeling machine