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Speed (performance) of labeling machines What makes our STS808 labeling machine fast? How to save your time and why choose this class of machine. In this short article, we will share with you why our customers have chosen the STS808.

Looking for purchase of labeling machines in Bulgaria, each of us can find several different types of machines divided into separate classes, depending on their speed options. If we estimate machines based on how many pieces they can stick in 1 hour, then our labeling machine can be classified as a mid-range speed device. Machines of this type are characterized by the manual laying and removal of the container after application of the label, quick and easy adjustment, small overall size and mobility. The results you can achieve with such machines are approximately 400 – 600 pcs. / hour. Of course, this depends on the diameter of your vessel, the length of the label and some subjective factors such as the speed of the operator who puts and removes the vessel from the machine.

Compared to the larger labeling machines, which allow results of 3000-5000 p / h, the middle class label applicators are portable with an average weight of between 10-20 kg. (13.5 kg at STS808), the mechanical settings of the machine are minimized and do not oblige the customers with minimum production quantities. The mechanical adjustment of this type of device is really minimal and it comes down to adjusting the borders that fix the position of your container (jar, bottle, bottle, etc.), adjusting the borders of the label roll and driving(leading) the label perpendicular to the container. The difference with the low class labeling machines, which are entirely manual, is the mounted sensor (ultrasonic at STS808) which serves to detect the label, stepper motors that rotate the bottle and pull the label, and a control panel as well.

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