Additional modules

STS809 module

Start module with optical sensor for STS809,811G,812,813G

The module allows easy positioning of the vessel. The M08 optical diffuse sensors detects the object and immediately starts the dosing process.
STS808 module

Start module with optical sensor for STS808

The M08 optical diffuse sensors detects the object (bottle,jar and etc). and immediately starts the labeling process


STS809 valve

STS809 valve

The valve is Backflow Preventer
STS812 Valve

STS809 valve

The valve is Backflow Preventer
STS809 filter

STS809 filter

Plastic filter
STS812 Filter

STS809 filter

Plastic filter
6L Container for thick liquids

6L container for thick liquids

The container has a capacity of nearly 6 liters. It is conical and supports the operation of the STS811G and STS813G thick liquids machines.
silicone hose STS812

Silicone hose Ф8 or Ф10

Frequently Asked Questions

For labeling machines

1How fast they are?
The performance of the machine is related to two factors. First, the diameter of the container, the smaller the less time it takes to stick the label. Secondly, the machines are semi-automatic - the containers are placed and removed by hand, which depends on the speed of the operator. From our experience we set the following capacity limits for machines - 400 - 600 pcs / hour.
2What is an ultrasonic sensor?
The sensor we decided to incorporate into the machine is ultrasonic. The technology allows it to read the label without contact, which implies 0% depreciation. The sensor is also effective for another reason. The ultrasound principle measures differences in the thickness of the label and the interlabel (blank space where the base is only). This gives you the ability to work with any combination / design on a label / basis. Even transparent etiquette on a transparent basis.
3Can i glue cones containers?
The machine can also be operated with conical vials / vials. A suitable arc label must be printed in advance.
4What kind of dishes can I glue on your machines?
You can handle all cylindrical packaging - bottles, bottles, jars, PVC vials with a diameter of 25 mm. - up to 160 mm.
5 Can I glue two labels? Face and back.
To be able. The machine has a microcontroller that allows you to glue two labels and calculate their arrangement to be symmetrical on the container. The two labels can be in different shapes and sizes, as long as they comply with the labeling process. For your convenience, it is to be printed on a single roll, in a face-to-back sequence or vice versa.
6 What labels does the machine work with?
Labels must be printed on a roll. An important condition is that the distance between the label is> 2.5 mm. and the diameter of the spool should be> 76 mm. See the machine page you have selected for more information.

For dosing machines

1How fast they are?
Performance is determined by the volume you dose and the speed at which you change the bottle. Depending on the machine you choose, we have one for small volumes (3.5l / min for water) and one for large volumes (10l / min for water).
2What liquids can I dosage / fill?
Our machines are divided into two series - for thick and for rare liquids. We have machines for dispensing cream, shampoo and other viscosity-like cosmetics. Also on our machines are dosed rose water, lavender water, micellar water, oil, olive oil, mineral water. Some of our clients use our machines in the pharmaceutical field.
3How accurate are they? What is the error of the machine?
The error our machines make is less than 1 ml. An important requirement to maintain perfect accuracy is to control the level of the vessel from which you are sucking. This can be done in several ways. We can offer you a variant with ultrasonic level monitoring, level monitoring with capacitive sensors, level monitoring with level meters. You can learn more about these products at www.stselectronics.eu
4What can break in the machine? What are the spare parts?
We have tried our best to incorporate the most durable products that can be used even with aggressive mixtures. The fluid has contact with silicone hoses, pump silicone valves and some plastic components. The silicone material of both the hose and the pump is very heat-resistant and aggressive. The body of the machine is chromium-nickel, which will not lead to labor and is suitable for food.
5How is the machine set up?
The machine has 2 parameters that can be adjusted. Time and speed. We decided so because our customers can fill with radically different viscosity and consistency products with 1 machine. Initially, you make several attempts to see at what speed and at what time you reach the volume you want. You can then save these settings in 8 programs that can be accessed at the touch of a button - this gives you easy access to the product you want to dose. You can use these programs not only for different products, but also for different volumes of the same product. For example, you can save 100ml on the first program and 500ml on the second program.
6What is the maximum fluid temperature I can dosage?
Up to 80-85 °C