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Our labeling and dispensing machines are targeted at small and medium-sized manufacturers in various industries. We successfully implement our machines in cosmetic, food, chemical and other industries. The performance of both machines depends mainly on the speed of the operator working on them. The machines are semi-automatic and the dishes are placed and removed by hand. Their speed is between 400 – 600 units per hour.

Not everyone produces hundreds of thousands of pieces

We are well aware and regularly learn from our customers about the difficulties they encounter in finding machines that meet their needs. Before we started manufacturing labeling and dispensing machines, we made sure that there were many manufacturers of production lines or large semi-automatic labeling and dispensing machines with a capacity exceeding 5000 p / hour on the market. However, we did not see any machine manufacturers who understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria. Our company works for a large part of the Bulgarian industry and even the manufacturers and owners of the large production lines are our customers. Разбирайки добре значението на малкия и среден бизнес за икономиката, решихме да разработим и пуснем в производство, очевидно липсващите до това време полуавтоматини етикетиращи и дозиращи машини STS 808 и STS809.

Small series and various products

There are often situations where our customers have to produce several hundred pieces of a particular product, then just as completely different from a label, content and container product. This is easy with our machines – a brief reconfiguration and labeling / dosing of the new product begins. More information about STS Electronics Ltd. here.

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