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The main role and function of our dosing machines is filling your product vessels at pre-set by operator doses. Depending on the viscosity of the product, the volume of the package and the desired output, you can choose from 4 different machines- STS809 STS811G, STS812 and STS813G.


All four machines are separate, independent devices that are small in size, portable and easy to use. The machines work with gear or diaphragm pumps, and those with gear pumps can dose liquids with a high viscosity, for example, creamy, shampoo-like and other thick cosmetic liquids or food products.

Membrane pump machines are oriented towards low viscous liquids, such as oil, olive oil, wine, micellar and rose water, and other rare liquids. By dosing of rare liquids, an inlet hose of about 1.5 m length is used, which can be inserted into the container from where it will be sucked in. Our machine is used together with a chrome nickel container (5 liters) when dosing very thick creamy and shampoo-like liquids.


The machines are set by time and speed. This means that you do not choose milliliters of dosage (50, 100, 200 ml), you will have to control the pumps by duration and speed. This enables our customers to use a single machine for several different products and also more precise setting. All four machines have the same control panel and are identical for operation.


Depending on whether you are dosing thick or rare liquids, we have 2 machines for dosing thick and 2 for dispensing rare ones. The larger and more powerful machines for thick and rare liquids, respectively, have a capacity of 10 l/min. while the smaller ones have a capacity of 3.5 l/min.

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