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Labeling and dosing machines. It is easy !

Our labeling and dispensing machines have a control panel that allows you to adjust the parameters before starting work. The menu has Bulgarian and English language. For the STS808 labeling machine, parameter setting is limited to entering travel time (additional rotation time after label affixing) and setting the offset parameter (depending on label length and vessel diameter). At the dispenser the STS809 machine adjusts only three parameters – run time, fill rate and pause time. Both machines are very lightweight and have a small compact size, so you can move them with ease at a convenient place for you. For the convenience of the operator, there is a counter for counting the number of glued labels on the labeling machine and the number of fillings on the metering machine.

Food and beverage industry

The design and materials of the dosing machine are in accordance with the requirements of the food industry. The case is chrome nickel. You can clean the machine after completing the dosing or filling work with the appropriate detergents. The pump at the metering machine is alkaline-acid protected. The intake branch of the system starts with a fine filter, which prevents unwanted particles from being dosed.

Why choose us?

STS Electronics is a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of sensors, timers, counters and other automation tools for industrial processes. Our products are highly reliable and productive and meet a number of European certifications, and the quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2008 guarantees this. Many of our products are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and partners. Our labeling and dispensing machines also meet the production quality standards we have put in place for all our products.

The company

STS Electronics Ltd. started its activity in 1990. in the town of Gabrovo. From now on, the direction in which it is developing is to increase the volume of production and introduce modern materials and technologies. Since its inception, we have participated in many international exhibitions at home and abroad. In 2002. the company has implemented a quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2008, which is currently functioning successfully.

The certificate was issued by the German TÜV Nord. We have won and are working on new Phare projects related to enhancing the competitiveness of our company and meeting internationally recognized standards, which has further increased the confidence of our partners. The company employs highly qualified personnel 90% of whom have engineering education. The desire to enrich our production range is ensured by the work of a structural department.

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