In 2002. the company has implemented a quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2008-2017, which is now successfully functioning. The certificate was issued by the German TÜV Nord. We have won and are working on new European programs to increase the competitiveness of our company and to meet internationally recognized standards, which in turn has increased the confidence of our partners even more.

The company

Based in the town of Gabrovo since 1990, STS Electronics Ltd. is a leader in the production of automation equipment for Southeastern Europe. The main sectors in which we specialize are the production of contactless proximity sensors and electronic devices, and for two years we have been a manufacturer and of semiautomatic labeling and liquid filling machines The company’s portfolio contains inductive, optical, magnetic, ultrasonic and capacitive sensors, a wide range of electronic devices such as electronic timers, programs time counters, time relays and many other specialized automation devices.

Semi-automatic labeling machines apply labels on cylindrical jars, bottles, vials and other containers. The team of STS Electronics Ltd. is mainly engineers. The organizational structure is divided into several departments as follows: Sales, Marketing, Production, Warehouse and Metalworking.


The mission and vision of the company have always been striving to meet the needs of our customers through the development of the technology park, the development of the knowledge of our team as specialists in the field of automation. From the very beginning, we have been investing and thinking in improving the end product that reaches our customer. We strive to produce and sell the end product with high quality, competitive price, modern design and technology.

Passion for automation

For our team, automation and its production has always been the path to challenge, curiosity and the ability to solve a design problem that we ourselves consider to be at the heart of being a good engineer. We work with a large part of the industry and daily encounter various difficulties that give us a field for development and improvement. In this we find meaning, passion and do it well. Trust us!